Kedarnath Full Tour Guide (My Experience)

I haven’t heard the name of Kedarnath until that disaster came in 2013 and we all know what happened after that. The temple of Kedarnath has no effect of that disaster, so whatever you consider, it may be an act done by god or a coincidence but that big stone somehow saved the temple from the water. After that Kedarnath tour somehow increased.

I had no idea at that time if I will visit Kedarnath someday, but then the movie came which convinced me to go to Kedarnath. Yes, you guessed it right that movie is “Kedarnath”. It covered that incident(disaster) by showing a story and an irresistible view of nature. 

The nature is so nice-looking that when I finished watching that movie the word came from my mouth I will go there one day, that movie releases on December 2018 and I was packing my bags on 16 October 2019 and it’s unbelievable for me at that time that I am experiencing that winsome adventure.

So here is the route which we followed from Delhi to Kedarnath.

Delhi(Kashmiri Gate) ——bus(238km)—— Rishikesh ——-bus(211km)——- Sonprayag ———-car(3.7km)——-Gaurikund—-By Foot(16-18km)——-Kedarnath Temple.

Our Journey Starts from Delhi(Kashmiri Gate), we took our bus to Rishikesh at 7:00 pm we decided to reach Rishikesh till 2 or 3 am because there is a shortage of bus from Rishikesh to Sonprayag.

 We reached Rishikesh at 2 am and discovering from where we have taken the bus for Sonprayag. We found the bus, there is only one bus which is going to Sonprayag at 5:00 am in the morning and we took the tickets and waited there for almost 3 hours(eating some snacks and having tea/coffee). 

The bus takes its leave from Rishikesh at 5:15 am and we all five then take a nap and the first view when we open our eyes in the morning from the bus looks like this.

The view was so soothing to eyes that a picture cannot explain what eyes can see and the heart can feel.

After that, we had 4-5 breaks until we reach Sonprayag. It was so exhausting journey of almost 12 hours.

You can stay in Sonprayag or Gauri Kund whatever you want we choose Sonprayag and we got a room for a thousand rupees which is so affordable for all of us. The food there was also good but nothing is as good as the view of the mountains and the river(sound)

We stayed in Sonprayag for that day and the next morning we are ready to move to the Gaurikund to start our trek.

Wait for second important information: If you want to hire a mule or cart of four people then you have to make a pass from Sonprayag which is free of cost and doesn’t require any id.

We take a car at 6:00 am in the morning which costs 20 rupees per person for a 3.7 km ride from Sonprayag to the starting point of Kedarnath trek. The temperature was very low somewhere around 5-7degree Celsius in Sonprayag in the morning. We started our trek at around 6:30 in the morning and the view was so pacifying to the soul that our energy level increases 200%,

 but guys just don’t be so energetic that your energy will be down in just one step because the main trekking is still going to happen.

 when our trek started We were supposing that the track will not be that hard but the reality is something different the trek is very hard for us.

It’s a very long trek of more than 16km and you just have to climb in that full trek. We take our first break before 1km ended and then realizes how hard that trek is for us but here in this full Kedarnath tour guide I am not discouraging even try that but sharing the truth with you.

It has to be hard after all the view that you get we reach it is totally different for your eyes, that view deserves that amount of hard work actually.

There are lots of stalls in every 30-40mins of trek and waterfalls(How can I forget that) after every 50mins you get a waterfall a beautiful one either to your side or the other side of the mountain. You will be followed by a river on your whole track.

:-Other transports cost too much like mule transport cost almost 7-8 thousand or according to your weight

But once you get there and see the temple with guarded by snow-covered mighty mountains you will feel more energetic and will take some pictures for sure.

We reached the temple at 4:00 pm and the view was amazing that I can’t tell you you have to visit one time to feel that. We take a stay near the Temple that for so cheap around 2000 for all of us.

We took the evening AARTI the aura around the temple was so exciting and so cold(0-2 degree celsius) that our hands were freezing but in the end, it’s all worth it.

We get in the morning entered the temple, click some pictures, have our brunch and just leaving and guess what happened—–the snowfall happened. Yes but not for big-time but something is better than nothing then we leave from there take lots of memories and promising to come back once again whenever we get a chance. 

Getting down is still much easier than going up but our legs were tired but we somehow make up to the down it’s dark in the evening

We take the stay again the Sonprayag and booked our tickets of Haridwar this time from Sonprayag and the next morning we are on our bus home.

I still miss that place and will go there with my friends or family or with you maybe one day

  • NOTE1: All the photos used here are taken by me.
  • NOTE2: If you are going there please do not pollute the place

If you have any questions regarding this trip from anywhere in the world you can ask me in the comment section I will answer your question for sure.

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