How to travel for cheap in India?

Traveling has a fear of lots of expenses whenever we are traveling or planning to travel with our family money comes in between. Traveling may seem like an expensive activity but if you plan everything, then it may not cost more than your expectations. Planning is necessary for traveling anywhere in this world, but today we are going to talk about how to travel cheaply in India.I have traveled to India in many places like Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and etc. and by all the experience I know, I can travel for so cheap in India or anywhere in India. I have never been to South India so my next trip will be of south India and I will share all my expenses with you to give you an idea of how cheap is traveling in India is(SOON).

Find less expensive transport

While Traveling you have to choose a means of transport to get to your destination and most of the places in India are accessible by train and bus transport these two are the less expensive means of transport to travel in India. If you want to take flight or airways as your transport then choose the budget flight and do your bookings before your trip. 

Traveling by bus and train may not be very comfortable and might take more time than usual but they can be managed because it saves you a lot of money. You can spend that money on your food and hotel expenses.

Travel in a group

Traveling in a group may save you a lot of money as if you are going alone then you also have to take a hotel and if you have a partner with you then you can share that room with him/her and can save half of your money as your expenses divided into two people.

I always travel with my friends and with my experience I can save a lot more money while traveling in a group than traveling alone. Traveling in a group can be an adventurous and more joyful trip also. More people more fun.

 Do your booking before the trip

Do your booking before 1-2 months before your trip, this is the best hack on how to travel for the cheap list as your flight tickets price, hotel price will have less price for prior bookings. Doing bookings before your tour makes sure of the budget for your trip as you now don’t have to think about any price of your stay and main transport. The only expense which is left will be of food and local transport which you can imagine or make plans before and can save more money.

 Make your itinerary

Before going anywhere in India choose the days accordingly so that you can not waste any day and can explore more in less time. More days means more expenses for hotel and food don’t waste any day or even evenings. Most people do not go out in the evening while they are traveling but you should do your extra activity in the meantime or when you are free. Plan your whole trip, write down your places to visit. Cover 2-3 places in one day in this you will save more money and can travel for cheap in India.

Select low season month

This is my favorite low season months are best to travel in India because in India most of the people plan their trip in their summer or winter holidays so some of the months are free to plan your trip. Low season months have fewer expenses because hotel and food prices are very less in these seasons, you will save a lot of money if you plan your trip in this season.

Non-season months are also the best because roads have less traffic if you are traveling via roads and famous places to visit are less crowded so that you can enjoy your time peacefully. I personally do not like crowded places but love to travel where people are less.

Plan your trip short and simple

Do not expand your trip unnecessarily try to keep your trip as simple and short as possible because this will cut your most of the cost.  If your tour days will be less then your expenses will be less. I am not saying you will not enjoy, enjoy your trip because even if you are paying less but you are paying for something. Please enjoy your every trip because traveling is as important as studies or more than studies(or more than)

Don’t hire a guide 

Do not make the mistake of hiring a guide if you are an Indian and know general Hindi. What you can do is plan your itinerary of the trip or ask the hotel staff in which you are staying for the best places to visit in that place or what best you can do is search on the internet do your full research and then plan your trip. In this way, you can save even more money.

Carry some eatables from home

Carry some food items with you from your home because it will save you your lunch or dinner money.

Try to eat where the locals eat because there only the prices will be less and according to the locals, not the tourists. 

Bargain everywhere

This is the best part of every Indian even I don’t have to tell you about this, this is in our blood already. Sometimes or most of the time people tell very high prices for their services or products but you can sincerely ask them to give you some discount or promise them that you will recommend their services or products like in a hotel or any restaurant whosoever will visit next time. In this way, they can agree and you can make a deal.

Save your money before your trip

Start saving your money before your trip does not purchase unnecessary clothes or gadgets which can cost you your trip. Most of the time this happens while we are going on a trip we become so excited that we do lots of shopping and purchase the things that we don’t even need. So, save your money for the trip and do not do unnecessary shopping for anything. 

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