How to motivate yourself when depressed?


First, we have to understand where the motivation comes in our mind. We can keep motivation permanent when we are depressed. There is a lot of question that how to motivate yourself when depressed. If we want permanent motivation than it should from our burning desire.

Emotion plays a vital role in motivation. if an emotion of a person is good then he will be a good performer in his life and if the emotion is bad then we will become a parasite or depressed. Regular exercise can give permanent motivation in depression. Every negative incident has a positive intent so we have to more focus on positive intent it redevelops and rewires our brain. This will also help as student motivational article it will help you to learn how to motivate yourself to study hard

motivate yourself work harder

How to motivate yourself to study

For a student, the study is worship so how a student can motivate yourself to study. They have to develop good vision in our surrounding. Some of the points for motivation are

1. develop good belief in your mindset.

2. Rethink with good vision.

3. Always be optimistic about anything.

4. Give clarity to your mind. Students motivation can do anything in their life.

For student college life is very much essential for a student, without college we cannot get all knowledge. In college, we get all-round knowledge to develop our brain. We can motivate our student to study hard to crack their competitive exam. We can handle our tough time by motivating our student. only permanent motivation can give us to keep our brain energetic and dynamic and this is the excellent way to learn how to motivate yourself when depressed because when your inner self is full of energy then the impact of depression will extinct.

Those persons who are depressed with their life they can take the help of several books of motivation like Bhagawat Geeta. When you change the way, you look at things the things you look at they change it means you have to give good and healthy vision. The rule for success in our life-MOTION+EMOTION-SUCCESS, ACTION+SATISFACTION-SUCCESS. Motion in physiology impacts the emotion of psychology.

My opinion on success in life is clarity. what I say I set a goal and then I do whatever it takes me to achieve that goal. Clarity is power it should be in one direction. Wherever our mind focuses it can zoom in and it will give one direction. When we stretch our brain, it can grow in one direction. for our brain, we have a limitless limit so we can stretch how much we can stretch our brain. We have a legendary brain and its speed is faster than light. We have not to prove in our life we have to improve. Anything which cannot measure cannot improve because we have analytics. Plains and goal are needed in our daily activities without a plain we cannot measure our daily activities. So, we have to create our own plain and activities. All activities in our life are not essential for our life so we have to reject some of the plain that can be more effective to achieve our ultimate goal. A good friend can give permanent motivation to a be with good environment of friend’s circle.

I think this article will help you to find a new way to learn how to motivate yourself when depressed      

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