How to chat with girls?

You wanted to know how to chat with girls so here is your answer. 

There are many websites where you can chat with them every day, you just have to go and register yourself.

You can start chatting with girls from today.

 Here are some of the cool websites where you can start today, for example, Facebook, Instagram, tinder and so on. You can even talk to girls you don’t even know.

Be friends with them have a good conversation with them, impress them with your words or your profile.

In this, I will share some of the tips to impress a girl on chat or you can say how to chat with them (a good chat)

Have a good profile and bio

How to chat with girls

You should have a good profile, having a good profile increases interest in that girl in you and want to know more about you and for that, you should have a good bio.

An attractive bio and impressive too, so that if she read your bio then maybe she will come back and try to have a conversation with you.

This creates a good impression in her eyes and you will be the first she will check out.

Start with hi or hey

If she didn’t message you first then don’t worry at least she had seen you are preparing to impress her in the future by having a good bio and profile.

 Because if you message her first which is fine then definitely she will notice you and try to find out more about you.

So start a casual conversation with her, you can start with hi or hey.

Things  you can ask while having Chat with girls :

  • Hobbies
  • Work
  • Where did she live
  • And so on
  • Compliment her profile

And try to connect the dots. For example, if one of her hobbies is singing and you love to listen to music then you can tell her “oh wow I also like the music “.

She will find it interesting and take more interest in you.

Become friends

How to chat with girls

Now you started talking with her and you know about her.

She also knows about you and now you become friends and can share your day to day activities with others now maintain your friendship with her and be loyal to her.

Share good experiences with her, make her laugh. Girls like jokes and a good sense of humor she will be impressed.

Try to be her best friend and came more close to her as she knows with whom she is telling her secrets, this is the best technique to chat with girls confidently.

Don’t be in a hurry

While chatting with girls we sometimes think that she needs only me but that’s not true.

Give her some time and give some to yourself also.

Never reply too fast as you are only available for her.

Girls will think that he is a cheap person or only need some attention.

What to do to maintain a good connection and chat with girls:

  • Don’t be the first to talk always. She should also participate
  • She is not your first priority. You have other people also in your life
  • You have other things to do in life. In spite of talking with her all day.

Don’t always be first to talk

How to chat with girls

Now you are in a chat with a girl and every day in the morning you drop a message good morning and she thought “he is only available for me, he doesn’t have a work to do “.   

So don’t irritate any girl, skip some days give her a chance to say good morning to you in the morning and if she does so then it’s a positive sign to you.

This shows she also has some interest in you

Some tips:

  • Never reply too quickly
  • Don’t always compliment (sometimes)
  • Don’t always the first person to talk
  • Don’t chat with girls too frequently. 

Have a good conversation

Having a good or healthy conversation with girls can make your relationship more loyal, trustworthy and long.

Talk with her as you know her very well, but don’t do too deep in her personal life.

Guide her if she is wrong, don’t just always appreciate her, and correct her if she is wrong.

Share your problems with her because if you share yours she will share her problems which is a good sign.

Solve her problems and make her feel special to you.

Impress her

chat girls

If you want to impress a girl while chat with a girl then do this:

  • Have a good physique.
  • Have a good haircut.
  • Have a good profile.
  • Have a good sense of humor.
  • Make her feel special.
  • Be polite.
  • Give her compliments.
  • Never be a pervert.
  • Be yourself
  • And last and the most important to impress a girl while chatting with girls if you love her tell her, and be a man.

Be yourself

be yourself

Now you know your girl very well she knows you very well.

Be yourself, don’t fake if you will fake and will not tell her the truth about yourself then the relationship will not go farther.

Tell her the truth always, don’t be fake girls don’t like the guys who fake, which is good.

Fake people replace their identity and living their lives in support of other’s life.

If you are what you are then you will never be a failure, people start loving you and this is the most important tip or technique to impress a girl on chat or how to chat with girls.


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