Delhi to Kedarnath Expenses, Hotel, Transportation, and Trek

So previously I have shared my experience in this blog Kedarnath Full Tour Guide (My Experience). In this blog, I am going to share the expenses, accommodations, trekking part, and transportation from Delhi to Kedarnath.

So if you are in Delhi and want to visit there but don’t know how to reach there this is for you to read this and you will get all the ideas to prepare for the trip.


Delhi(Kashmiri Gate)—————–(By Bus 240km)—————–Rishikesh(Bus stand)

Rishikesh(Bus stand)—————-(By Bus 211km)—————–Sonprayag

Sonprayag——————————–(By Car 3.7km)——————Gaurikund

Gaurikund——————————–(By Foot 16-18km)————-Kedarnath Temple

Detailed Explanation of Route

So, we started our journey from Delhi to Kedarnath from Kashmiri Gate as we live in Delhi. We took a bus from Kashmiri Gate to Rishikesh at 7:00 pm at night. (I’ll tell you all the expenses in the expense section.)

We reached Rishikesh at 2:00-2:30 am and waited for almost three hours in the bus stand having some tea or coffee. 

We took a bus again from Rishikesh to Sonprayag as that was the last point and it took around almost 12 hours to reach there because from Rishikesh the roads became so dangerous and narrow, but the view is worth it.

We reached Sonprayag at 5:00 pm in the evening and we just enjoyed the view of Sonprayag, clicked some pictures roaming around on the streets, and having lots of fun.

The next morning we took a Taxi from Sonprayag to Gaurikund from where the trek starts and that’s the end of the route.

You can follow the same route back to Delhi.

kedarnath temple


So now comes the most interesting and awaiting part of the trip or this blog the expenses.

So I will divide the expenses into three parts:

  • Food
  • Hotel
  • Transportation


The cost of food for one person at a time is rupees 150/- and almost 400/- for a day.

Food in Kedarnath or Sonprayag is not costly. You will not get any non-vegetarian dishes there for obvious reasons. The food there was awesome feels like Home Food. There are not so many restaurants in Sonprayag. You will not get any junk there so you just have the simple food which is good as that food gives you energy for the next day trek. I will suggest you to not eat junk food and exercise before going to the trek as the trek is pretty much hard and long as well.


The cost for a hotel is 500/- to 1000/- for a night so if you are in a group you will benefit as we visited in the offseason and with a big group we were lucky and got some pretty nice deals.

Secondly, if you are trekking by foot and not taking the help of the helpers there and (Khachars) then you have to take a stay at the temple also as it is not possible for the one to trek by foot till the top and coming back the same day unless you are a superhuman. 

So you need to take a room up also near the Temple which will cost you around 2000/- to 4000/- according to the hotel. You can also go for tents which cost you around 500/- per person but not that much good because the temperature goes in minus. 

And I will suggest you hold a day near the temple and experience some unleashing beauty. Unless you are going there by Helicopter.

That’s all for the accommodations.


Transportation costs are also very cheap if you are going by bus. It would cost around rupees 1300/- for a person for the whole trip.

Kashmiri Gate to Rishikesh ₹250 – ₹270

Rishikesh to Sonprayag ₹270 – ₹300

Sonprayag to GauriKund ₹20 – ₹40

We used only public transport and I think that is the best way to explore and save your money. It can be uncomfortable sometimes but in the end, the result is fruitful.


The trek officially starts from GauriKund and ends at the Kedarnath Temple(obviously).  The trek is almost 16-18km long. I am not scaring you or discouraging you but the truth is that trek is hard. We were assuming that this trip from Delhi to Kedarnath will be as we have planned but the journey makes different plans for us.

We were so happy that we were starting the trek today but we don’t know how it’s gonna be. We were the 5 people all teenagers still we were taking long breaths and so many breaks in every 10-15 mins.

So my advice to you is to keep your stamina low in starting 3-4 km. Trek slowly in the starting take rests but only after some kilometers. The most important thing is don’t try to overload your bags. It can cost you twelve to fifteen thousand for khachkars.

As the trek goes on and on you will experience the most beautiful views on this planet and when you complete you will not feel any pain or regret. The view from the top will take all your pain and give you so much satisfaction. 

As they say the air in Kedarnath comes from heaven you can feel it.

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